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Address: Las Vegas Blvd S, Las Vegas, 89101, United States

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You can't visit Vegas without cruising by the famous wedding chapels.

Admit it - you've always had a secret (or not so secret) Vegas wedding fantasy. And although you might not want to make it a reality, a cruise around the most famous chapels is fascinating. You don't need to have a car - a taxi will charge no more than US$15 for the roundtrip - but you should definitely drive rather than walk, as the area's a little shady.

Most of the famous chapels - the Viva Las Vegas chapel, the Little White Wedding Chapel and the Chapel of the Flowers - are located on Las Vegas Blvd, in the no man's land between the Stratosphere and downtown. They're usually closed to the public (although by all means, invent that you're looking for wedding locations if you think you can do it convincingly) but it doesn't really matter, because they're fantastic even from the outside. In fact, it's almost more fun to be denied entrance - I've been in two of them (the Little Church of the West, down by the Welcome to Las Vegas sign), and the Little White Wedding Chapel, where I once married a sandwich, as one does in Vegas), and they're pretty disappointing inside - small, cramped and sometimes a little sleazy.

From the outside, though, they're fabulous. Check them out!

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Free, unless you count the taxi ride or petrol money.

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