Red Rock Canyon

Address: Red Rock Canyon Road, Las Vegas, 89124, United States
Telephone: 702-515-5350

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A stunning national park just 20 miles west of the Strip.

First things first: I'm biased because I adore this place. I come here every day apart from when the heat gets too much to bear in the summer.  

Red Rock is not only a national park, but it's full of things that drive geologists crazy. The Calico Hills - huge, bubbly, orange-coloured cliffs that used to be giant sand dunes in prehistoric times. The stripey Keystone Thrust fault - apparently, it's the best example of that particular type of fault in the world. I love the fact that you can pretty much walk all over it (there are paths everywhere).

Non-scientists will love it just as much. There's a 13 mile scenic loop drive that has stopping points all around, plenty of hiking trails and astonishing views of the mountains, the Vegas valley and even the Strip. It's so calm up there, that it's the perfect retreat from the Strip. 

Value for money

Price advice

Pedestrians and cyclists are free, while cars cost US$7 a pop. Or buy an annual pass for US$20.

Expert tips

If you're on a fly drive, consider an annual pass to all US national parks. It's only US$80 and pays for itself quickly - the Grand Canyon, for example, costs $25 per car.

Catch the sunset from the top of the Calico Hills. It's a difficult hike but more than worth it - you'll see the sun set over the Strip.

Recommended for

  • Backpackers / Students
  • Families with teenagers
  • Seasoned travellers
  • Sporty types
  • Travellers with pets
  • Escaping the crowds
  • Great views / scenery