Gondola rides at the Venetian

Address: 3355 Las Vegas Blvd S, Las Vegas, 89109, United States
Telephone: 702-607-3982

- Expensive


A gondola ride in a fake canal is far more exciting than it should be!

Yes, of course it's cheesy but this is Vegas, and if you can't drop your cynicism here, you probably never will. And I speak as a gondola convert - I always used to turn my nose up at the rides, until a friend came to stay and we decided to take the plunge. And what do you know? It's hysterical.

The rides are short (about 5-10 minutes) and technically, gondolas seat four so if there's just two of you, you may be seated with another couple, but don't let that put you off (and anyway, when I went, they let us have one to ourselves). You can choose either inside or outside (we did out) - inside will whip you around the internal waterways of the Grand Canal, underneath shops, while outside is in a small "lagoon" area in the fake St Mark's Square. Either way, your gondolier will croon at you. And yes, they all have to have real Italian heritage, so it's a little more authentic than you might at first think.

Value for money

Price advice

It's expensive - US$16 per person (under 2s are free). If you want to guarantee a private ride for two, it'll cost $64 for the pair of you. Queues mount up so it's best to book ahead (the same day is fine) at the Emporio di Gondola in the internal part of the canal.

Expert tips

If you don't want to share, try and make sure you arrive at the gondolas with lots of groups. If you're ahead of them, and the people behind you are all in groups, they'll probably let you go ahead on your own.

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