Necropolis del Puig des Molins

Address: Via Romana, 31, Ibiza Town, Ibiza, 07800, Spain
Telephone: 971 304 102

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Ibiza’s original cemetery, complete with tombs, coffins and spooky underground burial chambers.

Smack bang in the middle of a residential street is the underground history of Ibiza’s cultural past – literally. Dating back to the Phoenicians in the 7th-century BC who then passed the burial baton to the Romans later on, Puig des Molins is actually the largest preserved necropolis in the Mediterranean, with 340 tombs excavated and an additional 3,000 still submerged – you can see the raw expanse of protected land in the process of further excavation right now. I felt a little like Buffy the Vampire Slayer down in the underground burial chamber, complete with its fake blood-stained mummy, and found it hard to resist climbing into the big stone coffins! The connected chambers and passageways are cool, though it’s spooky to think how many more remains lay under the entire city. The attached museum, Museu Arqueològic del Puig des Molins, displays a selection of artifacts discovered on the site.

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Expert tips

You can buy cute little replicas of the artefacts, such as perfume bottles, urns, and plates in the museum as kitsch souvenirs. I like a touch of the macabre!

It takes about an hour to cover the entire grounds and the museum too, and I’d recommend going early to beat the heat in summer.

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