Es Vedra

Address: Cala D’hort, Ibiza, 07830, Spain

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Amazing rock formation renowned for mystical, healing energy and strong magnetic pull.

When there’s a place on the island surrounded by so many myths, superstitions and legends, I think it’s your duty as a visitor to go check it out for yourself, whether you’re a believer or not. Es Vedra is the most famous part of Ibiza’s landscape, almost 400 metres of limestone jutting out of the Mediterranean Sea at Cala D’Hort as if it was superimposed on the water.

Legend has it Es Vedra is the third most magnetic point in the world (after the north and south pole). Not so, say geologists, yet there’s no explaining the way compasses, electrical equipment, mobile phones all go haywire in her vicinity, and many boat captains refuse to circumnavigate her. Her healing energy is also unexplainable – though the rock is only inhabitable by wild goats and rodents – yet thousands of believers flock to sit in front of her year after year (Kylie Minogue was one of them when battling cancer). Yogis and wellness gurus spend hours meditating and practicing before her. Es Vedra is also reputedly the tip of the sunken city of Atlantis (right opposite the bay of the same name and reputation), was the island home of Homer’s wailing sirens, is the location of numerous UFO sightings in Ibiza, and the birthplace of Phoenician goddess Tanit. Oh, and it was used as a film set in the 1949 musical film South Pacific, standing in as the volcanic island Bali Ha’i.

But all in all, if nothing else, it’s a gorgeous view to gaze out at from your sunbed on Cala D’hort, one of my all-time favourite beaches in Ibiza.

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Expert tips

Try the paella at Es Boldado, just above the beach and overlooking the rock – the best way to make the most of sunset hour.

Don’t be tempted to try to swim to Es Vedra from the beach of Cala D’hort. It’s deceptively far away – three kilometres in fact.

Head up to the lookout point of Torre de Savinar’s (the old pirate watchtower) for a truly breathtaking sunset view.

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