Santa Croce

Address: Piazza Santa Croce, Florence, 50122, Italy
Telephone: 055 2466105

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This Church houses frescoes by Giotto and the tombs of many famous Florentines.

The Franciscan church of Santa Croce, with its typical Florentine stripy facade, dates from around 1294 and houses the tombs of many past Florentine big-wigs including Michelangelo, Galileo, Ghiberti and Machiavelli. There are also many art treasures inside including a beautiful marble pulpit by Benedetto da Maiano, Rossellino’s tomb of Leonardo Bruni and Canova’s Monument of Niccolò Machiavelli. But it is the trecento frescoes that are particularly remarkable. The Castellani, Baroncelli, Medici and Rinuccini chapels are all beautifully decorated, but the jewels in the crown are the Peruzzi and Bardi chapels, both painted by Giotto in the 1330s.

The Pazzi chapel is one of Brunelleschi’s masterpieces, essential and austere with little decoration, just as the Renaissance Florentines liked it. From here, you can access the beautifully peaceful Second Cloister (also designed by Brunelleschi) and the museum which houses Cimabue’s great but flood-damaged Crucifix plus fine frescoes by Taddeo Gaddi and Orcagna.

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The 5 euro entrance fee includes the museum; 8 euros will also buy you a ticket to nearby Casa Buonarotti, Michelangelo's erstwhile home.

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