Mercat Tours

Address: 28 Blair Street, Edinburgh, EH1 1QR, Scotland
Telephone: 0131 225 5445

- Mid-range


Walking tours of medieval Edinburgh in the company of some great and fun characters!

The streets of Edinburgh are a fantastic backdrop for a ghostly walking tour of the city. Mercat Tours create an imaginative, jaw-dropping, amusing creep-fest, which will entertain the whole family. Padding through the streets discovering characters, history and underground vaults you could never imagine. Not for those of a nervous disposition or the faint-hearted.

Normally for an outdoor attraction I'd say give it a miss but in this case it is even better on a cold, foggy night; but wrap up, these are not special effects - it really is that cold and SPOOKY. Boo!

Value for money

Price advice

The different tours are slightly different price-wise but it's under £10 per adult, under £5 per child and about £20 for a family.

Expert tips

Kids between 5-15 must be accompanied by an adult so you can't get rid of them all en masse! Sorry.

They do private tours if you have a special occasion - birthday/hen night maybe?

Several tours and tour times every day - do your research to make sure you get the best one for your crowd.

Recommended for

  • Backpackers / Students
  • Couples
  • Families with teenagers
  • First-time travellers
  • Stag / hen parties
  • Great views / scenery
  • Live entertainment
  • Nightlife
  • People watching
  • History