Address: Mirdif City Center, Mirdif, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Telephone: 04 231 6292

- Expensive


Skydiving. In a shopping centre. Just don't ask.

As you're likely to discover in Dubai, much of the activity takes place inside malls, including skiing, ice-skating and, indeed, fish watching (Dubai Aquarium). Probably the most ridiculous of the lot is the new iFly, an indoor skydiving experience in the Mirdif City Centre mall in Mirdif (close to the airport). First-timers can quickly reach terminal velocity in one of two giant wind tunnels, with instructors on hand to show you the necessary positions to control your body. It's completely insane, as you'll no doubt feel as you watch shoppers do their thing while you hover in mid air, but it's bags of fun.  

Value for money

Price advice

195 dirhams will get you two minute-long flights, plus training session, flight gear hire and one-on-one personal experience from an instructor. If you want to purchase more flight time, the price goes down. 

Expert tips

Busier at weekends.

Recommended for

  • Backpackers / Students
  • Families with younger children
  • Sporty types
  • Special occasions