Fish market and auction

Address: Explanada Cervantes s/n, Dénia, 03700, Spain

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See your fish before it gets to your dish.

If you go to the fishing port at around four in the afternoon you will see the fishing boats returning with their day’s catch, with seagulls dipping and diving as the search for scraps. The catch will be sorted on board before being taken to La Lonja, the fish market where buyers can get a look at it before it goes to auction. (And if you get close enough to see the fish you will see that some of it is fearsomely ugly.) The auction starts at five, and takes place at an astonishing speed, with the price lowering (the reverse to an English auction) until someone shouts, “¡Basta!” (“Enough!”). Part of the catch goes on sale to the public at Posit, the small market which forms part of La Lonja. I can spend ages watching the fishing fleet come in and the hustle and bustle of the auction room.

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There is a public viewing gallery on the upper floor.

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