Le Suquet

Address: Le Suquet, Cannes, 06400, France

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Steep wriggling streets and a sense of history: this is the Cannes opener.

Forgive me. It’s a ridiculous pun. What I mean is that this is the district where Cannes started. And, if you didn’t know, you’d quickly guess.

Rising behind the old port, Suquet Hill is a warren of steep sinuous street-lets, all pressing in upon one another, the better to concentrate the throb of life coursing through them. In the old days this comprised fishermen and associated folk.

Today it’s mainly tourists, which is no bad thing. I’ll warrant the district is a damned sight more prosperous now than it ever was when dependent on the daily catch. I’ll also bet that the restaurants are both more numerous and better.

Happy holidaymakers

Certainly, they enliven the labyrinth. And it is good to sea happy holidaymakers sitting jammed on their terraces having a good time.

Yet, despite these changes, the atmosphere has not been entirely lost. Especially if you go early morning or late evening, you may still get a feel for the way things were when the sea was a source of trouble and menace, rather than a leisure facility.

A sense, too, of just how close-knit lives must have been. Take your time and let it all soak in. Then make for the Musée de la Castre (see separate entry).


On leaving the museum, simply wander at your leisure. It really is engrossing. And, if you’re wondering where to have lunch or dinner, have a look at the Cannes Cafés and Restaurants  section and pick one in Rue St Antoine or Rue du Suquet.

Value for money

Expert tips

Please don't scorn this district as a "tourist trap". We are all tourists. Think how dull the world would be if there were no facilities for us.

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