Dingli Cliffs & Clapham Junction

Address: Dingli Cliffs, between Dingli and Buskett, Malta

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A rocky clifftop with fabulous views, mysterious cart ruts and other ancient curiosities.


The vast and sheer Dingli Cliffs offer wonderful views over the Mediterranean, especially at sunset, and just inland the rocky clifftop is home to some real historic curiosities.

Mystery vehicles

Follow the lines of Malta’s mysterious cart ruts and see if you can work out what made them. There are over 40 pairs here (though not all are easy to see) - hence the name Clapham Junction - but exactly what kind of vehicle (wheeled carts? sledges? pulled by people? or animals?) made them and when remains a matter for debate, even amongst the experts. Some may be as old as the Bronze Age.

Troglodyte settlement

Also sign-posted here is the Ghar Il-Kbir troglodyte settlement. The roof of the main cave has fallen in leaving it open to the sky, but to the side is a small intact cave with shelves cut into the rock and a manmade wall creating two rooms. This cave complex was occupied for hundreds of years, probably well into the 19th century!

Ancient tombs

Between Clapham Junction and Ghar Il-Kbir are several square (obviously manmade) holes in the rock, which are large enough to climb into (but take care if you do), with a further hole going off horizontally at the bottom: these are Punic tombs (pre-218BC).

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Expert tips

In autumn be warned that bird hunters use these cliffs in the early morning and late afternoon making the place rather less conducive to a relaxed family outing.

It's not recommended for buggies or people with limited mobility.

These places are great fun for kids to explore, but do keep hold of the very young. The ground is uneven and there are holes.

Recommended for

  • Culture vultures
  • Families with teenagers
  • Families with younger children
  • First-time travellers
  • Seasoned travellers
  • Escaping the crowds
  • Great views / scenery
  • History
  • Nature / wildlife