Terra Mítica

Address: Camino del Moralet s/n, Carratera Benidorm to Finestrat, Benidorm, 03502, Spain
Telephone: +34 902 020 220

- Expensive


An exciting trip around ancient Mediterranean cultures.

Terra Mítica is Benidorm’s main theme park and is designed around the ancient cultures of the Mediterranean; Greece, Rome, Iberia, the Islands and Egypt (?), and the mythical world of heroes and gods. Epic battles, fancy dancing and body-twisting acrobatics take place around you, and you can scare yourself rigid on some of the most dizzying rides in Europe, including the free-fall Flight of the Phoenix and an inverted roller-coaster, the Tizona, that travels 665 metres in thirty-five seconds. If that is all too much for you, you can take a leisurely ride through the Labyrinth of the Minotaur or the Pyramid of Cheops.

Value for money

Price advice

Complicated pricing, anywhere between 18-35 euros for a day ticket. Afternoon tickets available at reduced fees (15-22 euros), and two-day tickets but must used on consecutive days. You can sometimes find discounted tickets around the bars and hotels in Benidorm.

Expert tips

There are plenty of places to eat but they are expensive. Take sandwiches with you.

Unless you are mad about rides, an afternoon ticket (five hours) is probably enough.

Recommended for

  • Couples
  • Families with younger children
  • Singles
  • Relaxation