Cala Torta

Address: Cala Torta, Arta, Spain

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Cool, surfy scene at one of the North Coast's most secluded beaches.

It’s a bit of knuckle biting drive getting out here what with the badly pot-holed road and scrubby, desert-like landscape, but so worth it to get far from the madding crowd. Once you start seeing camper vans parked up here, you know you’re nearly home. Park the car, then walk for 5-minutes through the dunes to the sea (you can continue on to other beaches around to headland from here too). The Carla Torta has wonderful soft, golden sand, and even in high season it rarely gets busy. The water can be choppy (hence the surfers), but at other times is delightfully still. Another highlight is the Bar Cala Torta, little more than a shack on stilts that serves some of the best-grilled fish and seafood on the island.

Value for money

Expert tips

Bar Cala Torta is expensive and doesn't take reservations or credit cards and it doesn’t take credit cards so make sure you have plenty of cash and arrive early to ensure your seat. This may seem like a lot of effort to go to for lunch, but trust me, it’s worth it.

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