Museo della Carta

Address: Via delle Cartiere 23, Amalfi, 84011, Italy
Telephone: +39 089 830 0651

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Learn the history of paper, and treat yourself to some handmade sheets.

The history of paper is fascinating and, while it began its story in China, the first 'industrialised' paper was believed to have started in Italy. As Amalfi was one of the four Maritime Republics (along with Genoa, Pisa and Venice), it had a long trading history with the Orient and it is believed that it was through such trade that paper was first introduced to Europe. The museum charts the story of Amalfi's paper-making and the mills that were located in the Valle dei Mulini (valley of the mills); in 1700 there were reputedly 11 mills. The craft of making paper still exists in Amalfi and after the tour of the museum you can buy the beautiful products, including handmade writing paper and envelopes, from the shop (also open to those who haven't bought an entrance ticket). 

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Adult tickets are 4 euros; and children 2.50 euros.

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