Jardin de los Sentidos

Address: Partida de la Olla nº 42, Kilometro 161 N-332,, Altea, 03590, Spain
Telephone: +34 965 842 686

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Bamboo heaven in the garden of the senses.

The Jardín de los Sentidos is, as its name says, a garden of the senses, but not just the five physical senses. You can add the senses of romance, of charm, of languor, of humour, of peace and calm, if indeed those senses exist – and if they don’t, they should. For the paltry sum of 7.50 euros not only do you get a slice of exotic home-made cake and a cup of coffee (or choose from a large selection of teas and infusions), but the chance to while away the hours in a genuinely stunning garden with over four hundred species of plants, as you meander over bridges, stroll the narrow footpaths along the river, and gaze from tiered rock formations, all in a circuitously enchanting half-kilometre. Or you can lounge on Balinese daybed or in the shade of an Arab haima and let the day drift by. This is a grown-ups playground, as children under fifteen aren’t allowed.

Value for money

Price advice

Once you have paid your 7.50 euros there is absolutely no time limit on your stay. Excellent value to escape crowded beaches.

Expert tips

If you are on your own take a book, and simply enjoy the tranquillity of the garden.

Recommended for

  • Couples
  • First-time travellers
  • Singles
  • Escaping the crowds
  • Romance
  • No fuss
  • Chilling out