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Eyos the orang-utan

Borneo: welcome to the jungle

Destination: Sandakan

Borneo is the perfect destination for those stuck in the urban jungle wanting to get a taste of the real thing

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Masai Mara sunset

Kenya's Masai Mara - far from the madding crowds

The Masai Mara, thanks to countless films and TV shows, is a magnet for tourists wanting that real safari experience. But stay at a camp outside the Reserve and enjoy the wildlife without the crowds

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Beautiful Bentota Beach: a time to relax

Sri Lanka: forget the wild life, enjoy the wildlife

Destination: Sri Lanka

Against a backdrop of smiling people and gentle chaos, Sri Lanka boasts ancient history, as well as modern all-inclusive beach resorts. But focus on the accessible wildlife - you won't be disappointed

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Family Fun in the Isles of Scilly

by jamesd

Destination: Isles of Scilly

Overview of the delightful Isles of Scilly off the Cornish Coast in the UK. A look at each of the islands, accomodation and activities for all the family.

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Walking in the footsteps of Kenya's Queen of Shaba

Destination: Kenya

Shaba, in Kenya's arid north, remains relatively unvisited. Conservationist Joy Adamson, of Born Free fame, lived and died here - now you can safari in the same savage, beautiful land she called home

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