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The ruins of Pompeii with Mount Vesuvius lurking menacingly in the background

Pompeii: a city risen from the ashes

Destination: Pompeii

Nowhere else on earth gives as vivid an insight as Pompeii into how ordinary people lived 2,000 years ago - or shows so graphically how they died

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A view of the edge of Ancient Thira as it hangs over the Aegean Sea

Just you, your shoes and a Greek island: Santorini by foot

by APrice

Destination: Santorini

Villages dramatically etched into the side of a giant volcano, crystal blue seas and one of the best sunsets in Greece make Santorini one of the stand-out Greek islands

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Mt. Tiede

The Canary Islands: A Volcanic Masterpiece

Destination: Tenerife

Sprinkeld just west of Moroccan shores, the sun-kissed, pleasantly tempered Canary Islands abound in natural, cultural and archaeological wonders.

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The volcanic island of Ometepe in Nicaragua

Volcanic adventure in Nicaragua

Destination: Nicaragua

The secret volcanic island of Ometepe is a secret haven of Latin American culture and nature, ringed by a shark-infested lake and tucked away in the heart of Nicaragua

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Soufriere Hills Volcano

Montserrat – the Caribbean Emerald Isle rises from the ashes

Destination: Montserrat

A visit to the tiny island of Montserrat gives a glimpse of a totally unspoilt Caribbean, as well as the chance to experience life in the shadow of an active volcano

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Volcanoes, Lanzarote (© Islas Canarias)

Wild Canaries

Destination: Canary Islands

The Canary Islands make a very attractive alternative to a long haul destination for those looking for a shot of sunny island life

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Wild horses graze at the foot of snow-topped Cotapaxi

Swimming with piranhas in Ecuador

Destination: Quito

Deep in the jungle of Ecuador is a community-run, lakeside lodge in Yasuni National Park, a biosphere reserve where the local wildlife includes 568 species of birds

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Tenerife: full of surprises

Destination: Canary Islands

So many visitors to Tenerife just stick to the familiar tourist hotspots in the south - but if you venture inland and take to the hills, you'll see an altogether more dramatic side of the island

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Watching the eruption

Volcano watching in Iceland

Destination: Iceland

What is it really like to watch a live volcano erupt? I know - I just saw one. Here's a guide to finding out how to do it safely, and what it feels like to see it taking place

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Black volcanic beach, Santorini

Seeing stars in Santorini

Destination: Santorini

The Greek island of Santorini had its heart torn out by a gigantic volcano in ancient times. Now it offers a warm welcome to visitors including Hollywood celebrities

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