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Buy your own onion dome at Pechory Lavra

Kiev's a knock-out

Destination: Kiev

From boxing champs to bowls of borsch, Kiev's quirky attractions make it one of the highlights of the former Soviet bloc

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Alameda High School Old Building, © Nichole M. Martinson, 2008 - 2012

Alameda, California: island getaway in the San Francisco Bay

by nichole

Destination: Alameda

Across the Bay Bridge, six miles from San Francisco, Alameda’s shores offer a day-trip retreat from the pulsating pace and constant stimuli of its big sister city across the water.

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St Mary's Church, Rynek Glowny, by night

The charm of Krakow

Destination: Krakow

The former Polish capital of Krakow is a picturesque city with plenty of Eastern European allure and a fine line in flavoured vodkas

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