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Nazarenos- Semana Santa

Seville in spring: Semana Santa and La Feria de Abril

Destination: Seville

Seville, the cultural capital of the south of Spain, knows how to put on a festival and party in style. There's no better time to visit than during one of its infectious springtime festivals

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Mimmo Muratore in his studio

Shopping in Florence: the Artisans

Destination: Florence

The unique side to Florence's shopping scene is its long history of artisan craftsmanship.

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Lush surroundings are on offer at the Baia del Sole resort in Calabria

Calabria: la dolce vita

Destination: Calabria

Why would you want to share your honeymoon with anyone other than your spouse? Head for the southern tip of Italy to discover a tiny slice of paradise that’s a closely guarded secret

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Casa Robles, enjoy the cool spray in the summer

Top class cuisine in Seville

Destination: Seville

Some Sevillianos are famous for being a bit 'pijo' - posh. They wear the most fashionable clothes, drive the elitist cars, and, more importantly for you, they eat in the most exquisite restaurants

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