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A traditional side of Bangkok

Destination: Bangkok

Bangkok may be a modern, bustling city but it's still a good place to observe the ancient early-morning ritual of Buddhist monks collecting alms from the faithful

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The Kabukiza, Ginza

Traditional Tokyo: a photographer's guide

Destination: Tokyo

According to the Japan National Tourism Organisation, Tokyo boasts seven of the country's 10 most popular sights - making the city a treasure trove for avid SLR enthusiasts and holiday snappers alike

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Burns cottage, Ayshire

Amazing Ayrshire

Destination: Ayr

Numerous castles, rugged countryside and plenty of links to Scotland's cultural heritage are all highlights of a visit to Ayrshire

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The Old Oss galloping around the Maypole

Padstow, Cornwall: perfect pasties and the Mayday Obby Oss

by rfield

Destination: Padstow

A break in the Cornish fishing port is a must. Not only does it have fine food, a perfect setting and suberb beaches nearby, it's home to England's quirkiest tradition - the Obby Oss

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Who wouldn't like to gaze at this while sipping a Guinness?

Kyoto's best-kept secret

Destination: Kyoto

When seeking something unique in Kyoto, forget Gion. Instead, head for Kanga-an, a temple tucked away in a residential area and boasting the most unlikely of features – an idyllic bar run by monks

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Stockholm: Christmas cheer

Destination: Stockholm

For Christmas cynics, a winter break in Stockholm is just the thing to put the magic back into the festive season

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Hien Lam Pavilion

Touring Vietnam - two days in Hue

Destination: Hue

Hue, the ancient former capital and residence of Emperors, is a perfect location to explore the cultural heart and soul of Vietnam

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