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Ecseri flea market

Shopping in Budapest: antiques and fine china

Destination: Budapest

If you're after a special memento of your visit to Budapest, then what about an antique print, a tablecloth embroidered with traditional rural motifs or a fine piece of Herend porcelain?

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Thai Craft Fair - colourful bags

Thailand - fair trade shopping in Bangkok

Destination: Bangkok

Searching for something a little different to take home from your holiday? Fed up with haggling over the price of things? The regular Thai Craft Fair in Bangkok might just be the place for you

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MACBA shop

Shopping in Barcelona: gifts

Destination: Barcelona

If you're after a souvenir classier than a paella fridge magnet, you'll be spoilt for choice in Barcelona. You just have to know where to look

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Lampseller in the Grand Bazaar

Bazaar life in Istanbul

Destination: Istanbul

Stylish Istanbul is a shopper’s paradise, but chic boutiques and glossy shopping malls are only half the story. Don’t miss the total sensory overload of the city’s most ancient bazaars

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