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The skyscrapers of Central, from Happy Valley racecourse

Hong Kong's magical stairway to heaven

by rfield

Destination: Hong Kong

It may be famous for its skyline, its double-decker trams, its shopping and its fabulous Asian food – but the real attraction of Hong Kong is a mountain escalator made for commuters

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A cholita minds her stall

Highlights of La Paz

Destination: La Paz

Potions and ponchos, bowler hats and beer, entertaining festivals and a stunning natural setting - all part of the heady mix that makes Bolivia's capital of La Paz such a fascinating destination

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Will the real Holland please stand up?

Destination: Rotterdam

Those who seek a bona fide representative of the modern Holland, a hotspot of culture, history and post-post-modern architecture, should head straight to Rotterdam

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A selection of tasty dim sum

Ian Pengelley's Hong Kong

Destination: Hong Kong

My love affair with Hong Kong and its food and culture inspired me to become the chef I am today. Explore it with me, and I'll take you to some of my favourite haunts

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Bright lights on the Champs-Elysees

What's hot in Paris

Destination: Paris

Gourmet restaurants, amazing architecture and quirky spas - when it comes to luxurious short breaks, the French capital ticks all the right boxes

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Bob Marley Museum

Levi Roots' Jamaica

Destination: Jamaica

Glorious beaches, a vibrant party scene, friendly people - Jamaica serves up a holiday to remember. But for me, it's all about the food

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New York: live the lifestyle

by stokel

Destination: New York City

New York is a uniquely idiosyncratic city - and it's almost impossible to chart in a simple travel guide. The only advice? Make sure you know Fifth and Seventh Avenues!

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Eton College (©

Why the royals rate Windsor

by Lyn.Eyb

Destination: Windsor

Kings and queens have called Windsor home for centuries. Take a walk through its cobbled streets to discover what makes it such a favourite with royalty

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