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Jaguar Encounter, Belize Zoo

Top 5 Wildlife Encounters in Belize

Destination: Belize

From big cats to sharks, Belize has it all. Not only can you spot a huge range of wildlife, the country also offers numerous opportunities to get closer to the action than you would ever imagine.

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All smiles after my first successful snorkelling experience

Snorkelling for beginners on the Great Barrier Reef

Destination: Cairns

You can’t go to the Great Barrier Reef and not get wet. One of Australia's most beautiful highlights, it's the perfect place for snorkelling virgins to find their flippers

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 Sun sinks below the cloud from Mount Teide

Tenerife - mountain high, ocean creatures below

Destination: Tenerife

From a sunset above the clouds to a shark-infested parrot park, the Canary Island favourite has much more to offer than all year sunshine, sand and cheap booze

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