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The Gates of Dawn in Vilnius

A midsummer night's dream in Vilnius

Destination: Vilnius

Vilnius, the pretty capital of Lithuania, has 100 types of beer and a thousand and one different events to celebrate its title of European Capital of Culture 2009

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The fjord where it all takes place

Fest in the Faroe Islands

Destination: Torshavn

First, you have to figure out where they are - but once you get to the Faroe Islands, you'll find magic and music, especially if you go for the phenomenal G! Festival that's held there every July

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The Corum at night

France - more music for less in Montpellier

Destination: Montpellier

Are you looking for an uplifting holiday? Then fly into Montpellier for a short break, and let your spirits soar on a cloud of music

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