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Airs and graces in York

Destination: York

Middlethorpe Hall hotel and spa in York is the perfect spot for a bit of luxury and a lot of mother-daughter bonding

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Laing Gallery

Non-alcoholic Newcastle

Destination: Newcastle upon Tyne

Newcastle-upon-Tyne has a well deserved reputation as a hard drinking city. But you can also have a very enjoyable short break there while remaining stone cold sober

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Wandering through Coimbra, Portugal

Coimbra: Explore Portugal beyond the Algarve and Lisbon

Destination: Coimbra

Coimbra in the centre of Portugal is an interesting and attractive old University town. Take a wander through its Moorish built narrow streets, and avoid the routine of the Algarve

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Coast Guard Beach, Eastham (© Margo Tabb)

Cape Cod: where America goes to relax

Destination: Cape Cod

Looking for a special summer holiday? Cape Cod is known as one of America’s favourite vacation destinations. Great beaches; romantic inns, fine restaurants and history that goes back 400 years

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Walking on water in Amsterdam

Destination: Amsterdam

Get beyond the tourist tat, the sex museum and the stands of brightly painted clogs, and you can discover a very different kind of Amsterdam, where water will guide your way

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Cruising the canals in Amsterdam

The New Face of Amsterdam

Destination: Amsterdam

It's time to look beyond the old cliches of canals and cafes - Amsterdam has changed dramatically in the last decade, and an exciting new city is emerging

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Musée Fabre,Montpellier

An artful off season trip to the South of France

Destination: Montpellier

If you are looking for a short break out of season, why not follow in the footsteps of so many famous European painters, and head for Languedoc Roussillon in the South of France

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Paris welcomes me as a single

Paris and the single girl

Destination: Paris

Paris is often described as a city for romance, but it also makes the perfect getaway from your partner. Just don’t forget to go home afterwards...

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Heraklion: markets, museums and Minoans

Destination: Heraklion

Don’t be deceived by first impressions - Heraklion, Crete’s funky capital, offers world-class sightseeing and real Greek atmosphere

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Cathedral seen from the bedroom window of The Astoria

The grace and grit of St Petersburg

Destination: St. Petersburg

Few cities match the classical elegance of St Petersburg, built on a grand, romantic scale, with extravagant palaces, ornate churches and millions of artworks

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