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"motorbike" related travel guides

Sunset in the 4,000 islands

Southern Laos: beyond the tourist trail

by Siobhan

Destination: Laos

Take one motorbike, three freshwater dolphins, seven kilometres of underground river and 4,000 islands, and imagine... one amazing, adventurous week in the south of Laos

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The seaside suburb of Belem is worth a visit

Touring Lisbon by sidecar

Destination: Lisbon

If Wallace and Gromit ever left the UK, this is how they'd tour round Lisbon. Forget the Wensleydale, though - this chic city is more interested in coffee, caipirinhas and custard tarts

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Bridge House Bar

Mat Follas' West Dorset

by matkiwi

Destination: Dorset

Fossil-strewn beaches, amazing drives, endless countryside and a foodie culture to whet your appetite - welcome to West Dorset, second home to Masterchef winner and New Zealander Mat Follas

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