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The entertainment team gets patriotic as Ventura leaves another port

Cruising the Med - in a very British style

Destination: Southampton

From quoits to bungee jumping, P&O's newest superliner, Ventura, offers a taste of Britain Noughties style, as it takes in the hotspots of the Mediterranean

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Value for money on an Ocean Village cruise

Destination: Palma

Ocean Village famously aim their cruises at 'people who don’t do cruises', with an emphasis on adrenaline activities - but lazier souls can enjoy them as much as all-action types

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Sete at night (© Adam Batterbee)

Sun, sand, sea and Sète

Destination: Sete

The lively French Mediterranean port of Sete is the perfect place to indulge a passion for seafood and long sandy beaches

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Valletta, from Sliema (taken n my 23rd trip to Malta!)

Holiday on the island of Malta and make your own discovery

Destination: Malta

The guidebooks have got it wrong about Malta - discover the island for yourself (with a little help from me!)

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Cala Bosc Lago

Sun, Surprises and Solitude in Western Menorca

Destination: Minorca

It’s the surprises that make Western Menorca special – the secret is knowing where to look.

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 Neoclassical houses add to the natural beauty of Symi

Secret Symi: the best island in Greece?

by jon

Destination: Symi

Stunning scenery, fabulous food, the most welcoming people... and not a single replica football shirt! So don't tell anybody about the Greek island of Symi - we'll keep it to ourselves, OK?

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Best of both worlds in exotic Morocco

by samh

Destination: Agadir

Offering the legendary hustle and bustle of Marrakesh and the laid back idylls of the Mediterranean, Agadir is a largely unknown gem on Morocco's Atlantic coast

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Cannes harbour

Cannes: beyond the red carpet

Destination: Cannes

Yes, Cannes is best known for its ritzy annual film festival - but for the non-A-listers among us, it makes a great weekend break destination at any time of year

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The Grand Hôtel du Palais, constructed in 1855 by the wife of Napoleon III, stands over the beach at Biarritz

Nice is Nice, but Biarritz has ritz

Destination: Nice

Both Nice and Biarritz promise sea, sensuality and the glint of sun on champagne glasses. So which is it to be for the weekend? French Atlantic or Côte-d’Azur? And which hotels should you book?

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Spices at the market

Ephesus: cradle of civilization

Destination: Izmir

Head to Ephesus and Izmir, on the Mediterranean coast of Turkey, to discover impressive ruins, browse through fantastic markets and drink some surprisingly great wine

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