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The vaulted roof of the Sainte-Chapelle

Paris: an Ernest Hemingway bar crawl

Destination: Paris

Hanging out in grand cafes, browsing bookshelves and knocking back mean martinis - here’s how to combine a trip to Paris with a tour round the haunts of Hemingway and other 20th-century cultural icons

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Mortsafe for protection from graverobbers - National Museum of Scotland

Edinburgh - In the footsteps of Dr Jekyll, Rebus and Holmes

Destination: Edinburgh

Come with me through the dark side of Scotland's capital and follow in the tracks of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, Deacon Brodie, Burke and Hare, Sherlock Holmes and Inspector Rebus

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Theatre Royal, Bath (© Bath Tourism Plus/Colin Hawkins)

Bath: the UK’s most romantic city

by gill19

Destination: Bath

Bath, a magnet for chic society in the 18th century, still attracts romantics from near and far. Why not whisk your beloved off to this charming city for a weekend or dreamy day out?

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