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Gran Plaza, Tikal

Tikal, Guatemala - a two day trip from Belize

Destination: Tikal National Park

Venture deep into the jungle, where monkeys clamber over ruined temples, and prepare to unleash your inner Mowgli on a magical adventure into the heart of the Mayan empire

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Test your vertigo on the Canopy Walk

Jungle adventures in Taman Negara

Taking a trip into the tropical rainforest of Taman Negara, peninsular Malaysia's premier national park, is a chance to get back to basics and immerse yourself in all things wild and wonderful

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Palm-fringed beach to the north of Anjuna

Goa: an Indian gem

Destination: Goa

Goa's famous for its beaches - and rightly so - but this former Portuguese colony on India's west coast also has a wealth of other natural and cultural highlights that might surprise you

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On board the 'flying coffin' (Photo © Jon Bigg)

Borneo: in the footsteps of headhunters

Destination: Borneo

Borneo is a land of mystery, an exotic, untamed destination. Following the headhunters' trail makes for a uniquely cultural experience, as modern life merges gently with ancient customs

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The Amazon from the air

Iquitos, Peru: my Bruce Parry moment

Destination: Iquitos

It's as far from well-trodden Machu Picchu as you can get: Iquitos, deep in the Peruvian Amazon and 3,000km from the river's mouth. Fancy roast parrot, anyone? Believe me, that's tame…

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Salto Sapo

Exploring Canaima National Park, Venezuela

Destination: Canaima National Park

Canaima National Park is 30,000 km² of jungle, waterfalls, rivers and grassland in Southern Venezuela. Read my journey through the dramatic landscape travelling by canoe and sleeping in a hammock

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Panuba Inn

I found paradise on Tioman island

Destination: Pulau Tioman

Tioman is paradise on earth. The small Malaysian island offers unparalleled tranquillity with sandy beaches, undisturbed nature, welcoming locals, and activities enough to thrill you for a good while

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