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Nagano from the train station

Nagano, Japan: plan a visit, even if you can't stand skiing

by danstan

Destination: Nagano

Nagano to me doesn't mean skiing. To me it means crisp air, delicious food, and one of the most revered temples in Japan. Do yourself a favour and take a visit to 'The roof of Japan'

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The (unstable) head of the Daiichi Nyorai

The Mystery of Usuki's Sleeping Buddhas

Destination: Japan

If the neon lights, bustling noodle bars and late-night karaoke haunts of Japan's big cities have left you wondering where the country's tranquil side is, head to Uzuki to find some serenity

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Entrance to Meiji-Jingu Shrine

Celebrate New Year in Tokyo

Destination: Tokyo

Celebrate the New Year Japanese-style in Tokyo and take part in some of the city's unique events

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