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Easter Island: looking beyond the Moai

Destination: Easter Island

Easter Island, in the South Pacific, is famous for its enigmatic statues. Few people know about its beaches, scuba diving, charming homestays and slow-paced capital not much bigger than a village

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Cycling through a village, Malawi

Blazing saddles: cycling through Malawi

Destination: Malawi

Tears, tantrums, sunstroke, diarrhoea, cuts, bruises, and a fractured arm – and it was only day two of a week's pedalling along the shores of Lake Malawi

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On board the 'flying coffin' (Photo © Jon Bigg)

Borneo: in the footsteps of headhunters

Destination: Borneo

Borneo is a land of mystery, an exotic, untamed destination. Following the headhunters' trail makes for a uniquely cultural experience, as modern life merges gently with ancient customs

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The beach at the upmarket Jalousie Plantation resort, St Lucia

Why Caribbean-bound chill-seekers love St Lucia

Destination: St. Lucia

Jump up and get down on the lush and sandy island of St Lucia, where celebrities go to play and every meal tastes better with some hot sauce and a cool Piton beer

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Celtic Cross at Capel y Brithdir

Striding out in Caerphilly, south east Wales

by Harri

Destination: Caerphilly

Over the last few decades, the south Wales valleys have been transformed into a walker's paradise. Why not visit Caerphilly County Borough and follow my suggested walks to discover the area yourself?

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Sands Holiday Centre

Cool camping in Scotland

Destination: Scotland

In case you hadn't heard, camping's cool again - and you don't have to go far to pitch your newly trendy tent, because some of Europe's finest campsites are in Scotland

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Salto Sapo

Exploring Canaima National Park, Venezuela

Destination: Canaima National Park

Canaima National Park is 30,000 km² of jungle, waterfalls, rivers and grassland in Southern Venezuela. Read my journey through the dramatic landscape travelling by canoe and sleeping in a hammock

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Plateau Point - the Grand Canyon

Hiking the Grand Canyon

Everyone knows that the Grand Canyon is big - the size of Switzerland in fact - but what is it like hiking down (and up) one of its most popular trails? Read my guide to find out

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Lake Grey, Torres del Paine

Homage to Patagonia: Chile’s Torres del Paine National Park

by MartinS

Destination: Patagonia

Explore the bizarre landscapes of Chilean Patagonia while staying at an opulent lodge at the heart of the Torres del Paine National Park

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Impressive: Geneva's Jet d'Eau

Geneva: the perfect city?

Destination: Geneva

Calm, clean and cultured, with an incredibly beautiful setting, Geneva is nothing short of gorgeous. It's also the perfect base for boat trips on the lake and scenic train rides high into the Alps

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