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The Galway Hooker - Eyre Square

Top tips for a grand weekend in Galway City

Destination: Galway

Galway - steeped in music and history; filled with friendly folk, festivals and crammed with cosy pubs, culture and craic. Get yourself to Galway; City of Tribes, Vibes and the time of your lives....

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The Singapore Skyline

Singapore in a day

Destination: Singapore

Let me take you on an all day journey around the choicest cuts of the Lion City from breakfast by the river to nightlife at the quay

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Changing guards

Windsor For Short Breaks

Destination: Windsor

Windsor has royal treasures but if you’d quite like to keep your head attached to your neck, I’d recommend trying out its other treasures too

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West Coast

Guernsey - how to make the most of your visit

Destination: Guernsey

Guernsey is an often-forgotten island that has a great deal to offer, including adventure and delicious cuisine

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