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Downtown Flagstaff

Fun in Flagstaff: get your kicks on Route 66

by joe9t8

Destination: Flagstaff

Whether you want to chase storms, scale the Grand Canyon, dig up trouble at a meteor crater or just search for extraterrestrial life, it’s all on the dusty doorstep of Flagstaff, USA

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The Mix Lounge has staggering views of the Strip at night.

Vegas fun without casinos? You bet!

Destination: Las Vegas

There's more to Las Vegas than gambling. Beyond the neon lights you'll find acclaimed musicians and shows, shopping, dining and bars. Without risking a dime, you can be sure to hit the jackpot

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Plateau Point - the Grand Canyon

Hiking the Grand Canyon

Everyone knows that the Grand Canyon is big - the size of Switzerland in fact - but what is it like hiking down (and up) one of its most popular trails? Read my guide to find out

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One of the old steam trains in Williams

The Grand Canyon, via Williams

Why not take a bit of time to enjoy the lazy town of Williams when planning a trip to the canyon?

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At the Grand Canyon with my fiancee Angie and her parents

Top five things to do in Las Vegas

by DW01

Destination: Las Vegas

With so much on offer in Las Vegas, it's easy to be overwhelmed. So here are my suggestions for five things that should go straight to the top of your to-do list

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