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Sopron City Centre with it's old narrow streets, squares and courtyards. Hotel Palatinus on the right. A few minutes walk from the Fire Tower and other interesting sights.

Sopron: a taste of Hungary

by bobef90

Destination: Sopron

Sopron lies just over the Austrian border, an hour's train ride from Vienna. I fitted in a flying two day visit and found a gem of a town that merits more time to fully appreciate its charm

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Minarete and background hills

Remarkable Sarajevo. Recovery after the war

Destination: Bosnia and Herzegovina

Reflections of a retired Englishman on his experiences during an impetuous visit to Bosnia and the people's recovery after the nineties war

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Bike-friendly countryside

Beaminster, West Dorset: new foodie kid on the block

Destination: Dorset

West Dorset has tingled foodies’ tastebuds for years. French gourmet Nathalie explains why Beaminster, with its restaurants and surrounding countryside, is the perfect short break destination

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Commercial Drive, foodie paradise

Vancouver: gateway to the beauty of Canada

by jon

Destination: Vancouver

It's green, clean, and has to be seen! Even if you dislike cities, you'll love Vancouver

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