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View of the port from the citadel, Calvi (© Adam Batterbee)

A taste of the high life in Corsica

Destination: Calvi

Calvi’s citadel gives you a soaring view of the sea and more than a glimpse of the rugged mountainous interior that helps to define the real character of Corsica

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Kyrenia, northern Cyprus

Crowdless northern Cyprus

Destination: Famagusta

Untouched by the mass tourism of the south, northern Cyprus is equally beautiful but has been left out in the cold. But now more visitors are starting to discover its treasures

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Kotor - view from the fortress

Kotor: medieval majesty in Montenegro

Destination: Kotor

The attractive walled town of Kotor in Montenegro, beautifully located between an alluring fjord and brooding mountains, is an absolute joy. Get there now, before the tourist hordes discover it

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The old Market Square is the heart of Warsaw’s reconstructed centre

Wonders of Warsaw

Destination: Warsaw

Poland is a country that has one of the most diverse and interesting characters in Europe, and the area around Warsaw, the capital, is both beautiful and surprising

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