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The seaside suburb of Belem is worth a visit

Touring Lisbon by sidecar

Destination: Lisbon

If Wallace and Gromit ever left the UK, this is how they'd tour round Lisbon. Forget the Wensleydale, though - this chic city is more interested in coffee, caipirinhas and custard tarts

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Cephalonia/Kefalonia - more than Corelli's island

Destination: Cephalonia

However you spell it, rest assured that while de Bernieres may have brought more visitors to Cephalonia, it remains a charming island that has avoided becoming a slave to the story of Captain Corelli

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An example of Malaysia's fine food

Professor Jimmy Choo's Malaysia

Destination: Penang

Famous the world over for his exquisite shoes, follow in the footsteps of Jimmy Choo as he shares his favourite parts of Malaysia - his treasured homeland

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French is not the only language in Quebec City

Quintessential Quebec City

Destination: Quebec City

Quebec City is the cradle of French Canada, but its links to France are not the whole story...

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Club Ibiza: that’s not the Ibiza I know

Destination: Ibiza

I’ve swum with dolphins in the Bahamas, stayed in the Amanjena in Marrakesh and floated in the Dead Sea in Jordan. But for me, Ibiza has the real magic.

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Tomb at Carrowmore with Knocknarea behind

Land of heart's desire: Co. Sligo, Ireland

by zara

Destination: Ireland

From beautiful scenery to seaweed baths, and charismatic hotels to cosy pubs, Sligo has many unexpected delights

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Hard to believe they're plastic

Set your compass to cool in Harajuku

Destination: Tokyo

Harajuku, a district propelled into western consciousness by moody gothic Lolitas and a certain Ms Stefani, has much more to offer a visitor than a bizarre photo opportunity.

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Is Pembrokeshire the new Cornwall?

Destination: Pembrokeshire

Pembrokeshire has the same stunning coastline and fantastic food as Cornwall - but without so many queues and crowds. Time to explore the delights of an underrated gem...

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Krakow Jewish Quarter - Kazimierz

Cracking Krakow

Destination: Krakow

Find out how far your cash will go in Krakow, what to expect in the way of cheap, authentic Polish food - and why you should pack a brolly!

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Diaskari beach

Witness the real Crete

Destination: Crete

In the southeastern corner of Crete lies a fabulous but little-known town called Makrigialos. Just don’t let the secret out...

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