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Just one of the breath-taking views of New Zealand from your campervan

Campervan thrills and spills in New Zealand

Destination: Te Anau

There's no better way to explore the open roads of New Zealand than by campervan. But be careful: the road to paradise doesn't always run smooth...

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The fjord where it all takes place

Fest in the Faroe Islands

Destination: Torshavn

First, you have to figure out where they are - but once you get to the Faroe Islands, you'll find magic and music, especially if you go for the phenomenal G! Festival that's held there every July

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Bakklandet Skydsstation, one of the many cafes in Trondheim’s old town (© Terje Rakke/Nordic life/Innovation Norway)

Trondheimsfjord is terrific

Destination: Trondheim

The Trondheimsfjord is one of Norway’s most beautiful fjords, bathed in a soft, golden light during long summer days and with a young and vibrant city at its centre.

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