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Porta Roma

Orvieto: a gem in central Italy only two hours from Rome

Destination: Orvieto

Perched high on a massive volcanic rock, Umbria's Orvieto is a fine mediaeval city with enormous charm. It may be best known for its brilliant wines but many delights await the enterprising traveller

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Sherborne Old Castle

Sherborne, Dorset - a mellow weekend break

Destination: Sherborne

The ancient abbey town of Sherborne in North Dorset offers the visitor a delightful centre, either from which to explore a relatively unvisited part of the West Country or in which just to slow down

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Strawberry Fields

Central Park, the heart and lungs of New York City

Destination: New York City

If you're feeling exhaustion in New York - perhaps the world's busiest city - head for Central Park. There's so much to see and doing it justice will take far longer than you might think

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Just one of KI's Stunning Beaches

Australia's best-kept secret? Kangaroo Island

by Melinda

Destination: Kangaroo Island

Kangaroo Island is the Australia that many foreigners think the rest of the country is like - you really can see a kangaroo hopping down the main road, as well as stunning beaches and a unique coast

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Relax in the Chateau's beautiful, chic rooms

Languid Languedoc, mellow Minervois: life beyond the Canal

Destination: Minervois

The Canal du Midi meanders gently through Languedoc, picking up and dropping off boat passengers en route. For landlubbers, equally gentle options lie beyond: the wines and slow inclines of Minervois

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Azure window © Mike Martin

It’s time to reconsider Malta

Destination: Valletta

It has a fascinating military past, the world’s only signed Caravaggio painting, great weather, food and wine, they drive on the left and everyone speaks English – it’s time to think again about Malta

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