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Elvis is alive and well and marrying couples in Las Vegas

Destination: Las Vegas

Three Las Vegas facts: a weekend in the city is as close to guaranteed fun as you can get, a night in a casino is a recipe for an empty purse and Elvis is an asset to any wedding on The Strip

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Welcome to Vegas – home of buffets, gambling and fun

Rock and high rollers in Las Vegas

Destination: Las Vegas

One’s a breathtaking natural rock formation and the other is a giant playground in the middle of the desert. But including the Grand Canyon and Las Vegas in the same trip makes perfect sense

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Graceland, Memphis

Memphis magic: on the Elvis trail in Tennessee

by nannyd

Destination: Memphis

If you're an Elvis Presley fan (or even if you're not), a trip to Graceland, the singer's beloved mansion in Memphis, Tennessee, makes for an unforgettable holiday experience

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