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Valencia's shopping district

The busy city of Valencia, Spain

by stokel

Destination: Valencia

Valencia is a city of backstreets and grand promenades, great old buildings and vibrant new city complexes. You'll never want to leave

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White Truffle Pasta and Piquentum Malvazija at Vrh

Inland Istria: Green & Pleasant Land of Croatia

Destination: Croatia

There's much more to Istria than the Adriatic: shimmering blue seas, gleaming yachts and glitzy hotels. Look inland to uncover Green Istria, away from the tourist traps, crowds and campsites.

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The seafront at Paphos

Head to Cyprus for the Ultimate Family Holiday

Destination: Paphos

In Cyprus, children are loved rather than merely tolerated, making it an ideal place to take a young family in search of a sunshine break

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Bridge House Bar

Mat Follas' West Dorset

by matkiwi

Destination: Dorset

Fossil-strewn beaches, amazing drives, endless countryside and a foodie culture to whet your appetite - welcome to West Dorset, second home to Masterchef winner and New Zealander Mat Follas

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Where to eat in North Norfolk

by McGreal

Destination: Blakeney

It's a foodie mecca, but you don't have to go to pricey restaurants to eat well in North Norfolk. As a local, I know lots of good cafes, pubs and wine bars. Here are my favourites in Holt and Blakeney

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The original Loteria Grill at Third and Fairfax

Foodie LA

Destination: Los Angeles

Los Angeles is the cradle of the faddish diet, peopled by pole-thin wannabes, and notorious for frowning on calorific over-indulgence. But now it's rebranding itself as a top foodie destination

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Bob Marley Museum

Levi Roots' Jamaica

Destination: Jamaica

Glorious beaches, a vibrant party scene, friendly people - Jamaica serves up a holiday to remember. But for me, it's all about the food

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The dramatic, craggy, volcanic mountains of lush inland Madeira

Madeira reborn

Destination: Funchal

Madeira is known for bath chairs, blue rinses and a sherry-type tipple. But it has plenty to offer younger visitors, from groovy nightclubs to designer hotels and achingly trendy new restaurants

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