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"dinosaurs" related travel guides

The badlands near Dinosaur Provincial Park are sandstone, eroded by wind, water and ice (Travel Alberta)

Alberta: where dinosaurs roamed

Destination: Alberta

The badlands of Alberta, in Canada, were once home to more than 35 species of dinosaurs. Now they’re a draw for tourists and paleontologists unearthing millions of years of history

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Chesil Beach stretches for 18 miles, with the sea on one side and lagoon on the other

Ice cream and dinosaurs on the Dorset coast

Destination: Swanage

From Swanage to Weymouth, the Jurassic Coast is one of the most varied and beautiful in England, and is now a World Heritage Site

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Cafe life at Soubes near Lodeve

The South of France: Herault for happy family holidays

Destination: Lodeve

If you are looking for a quiet spot to chill out in France but worry about keeping the kids happy, head for Herault in the Languedoc, where you are sure to find something to please everybody

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