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Opera House interior

Nightlife in Budapest: a dash of culture

Destination: Budapest

The city of Ferenc Liszt, Béla Bartók and Zoltán Kodály remains a thriving cultural centre. There are thrilling performances of music and dance, ranging from the classical to the cutting edge

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Nightlife in Florence: how to have a good night out

Destination: Florence

It may be small, but Florence has enough going on after dark to keep most visitors on the lookout for night-time entertainment happy: just don’t make comparisons with the club scene back home.

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Colourful houses in Buenos Aires

Last tango in Buenos Aires

Destination: Buenos Aires

You can't visit Buenos Aires, Argentina's capital city, without being seduced by a tango or two along the way

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Tango at La Boca

Tread carefully with tango in Buenos Aires

Destination: Buenos Aires

Tango is on the minds and feet of most visitors to Buenos Aires, Argentina's capital – but finding a good show is harder than it should be. Follow these steps, and you won't be disappointed

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Evening at La Scala (c) Fiona Bradley

Nightlife in Milan: opera and the performing arts

Destination: Milan

Milan has enormous cultural wealth, including opera, ballet and music, from classics to jazz, rock to heavy metal, theatre and festivals. Those who look can find world-class entertainment.

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A woman draped in traditional Cuban dress beckons me to take a photo for one peso

Havana good time in the Cuban capital

Destination: Havana

Salsa back in time to a city steeped in history, splashed with colour and filled with warmth and intrigue. A trip to Havana really is a must.

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Hong Kong’s Ultra Culture

Destination: Hong Kong

It’s not all beer and (a very few) skittles in Hong Kong after dark – there’s a more cultural side to the city’s entertainment too

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Málaga’s cathedral

Make for Malága

Destination: Malaga

Málaga is often considered little more than a gateway airport to the sunny beaches of the Costa del Sol, but there's more to it than that - this is a city that oozes culture, history and Spanish style

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Music is everywhere in Havana

High-stepping in Havana

Destination: Havana

With music at every turn, you can't help but dance to the beat of the Cuban capital of Havana

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Two wheels are better for fun: Richard glides along Miami's South Beach promenade on a Segway

Miami - putting the "super" into superficial!

by Fez

Destination: Miami

It might be slap bang in the middle of the retirement state of Florida, but there’s nothing retiring about outrageous, audacious, celebrity-obsessed Miami

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