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Best of both worlds in exotic Morocco

by samh

Destination: Agadir

Offering the legendary hustle and bustle of Marrakesh and the laid back idylls of the Mediterranean, Agadir is a largely unknown gem on Morocco's Atlantic coast

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Glasgow smiles better

Destination: Glasgow

Scotland’s largest city bursts with personality – so pack your mac, and a sense of humour, and you won’t go far wrong in Glasgow, one of the UK’s friendliest places

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Easter Island: looking beyond the Moai

Destination: Easter Island

Easter Island, in the South Pacific, is famous for its enigmatic statues. Few people know about its beaches, scuba diving, charming homestays and slow-paced capital not much bigger than a village

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Water of Leith Walkway

Edinburgh in life-beyond-Princes-Street shocker!

Destination: Edinburgh

If you can tear yourself away from the magnetic charms of Princes St and get off the train a stop earlier at Haymarket in the capital’s West End, you might have made a decision you won't regret

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Mexico City tacos

Mexico: beyond the tourist traps

by LRevans

Destination: Mexico City

Ever wondered what Mexico is like beyond the tourist traps of the Yucatan Peninsula? On my ten day trip I found out - rich in history, colourful in culture, and spectacular in nature

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Guggenheim with Jeff Koons' puppy

Bilbao - foodie heaven or fool's paradise?

Destination: Bilbao

Bilbao is famous for its futuristic Guggenheim Museum and cutting-edge art - but now the restaurants are pushing the envelope, too, in a city never previously known for its cuisine

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View from the plane

Happily out of touch in Panama's San Blas Islands

Destination: San Blas Islands

Far from city stresses and strains, the San Blas Islands of Panama have an interesting indigenous culture, white sandy beaches and an increasingly eco-friendly approach to tourism

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Darbar Restaurant at night on the Curry Mile

Manchester's Curry Mile – spicy Bollywood of the north

Destination: Manchester

Manchester's Mecca of spice, Rusholme, boasts the highest concentration of Asian eating places in Europe. For foodies with a penchant for fiery, it's time to discover the city's famous Curry Mile

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The amazing Abaco bar

Short break to Palma, Majorca - Pearl of the Mediterranean

Destination: Palma

Forget Majorca's package-holiday image - the island's capital, Palma, makes a decidedly chic choice for a short break, with a lovely old town, great bars and restaurants, and even a crowd-free beach

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The Sanya Marriott on Hainan Island, described as 'the Chinese Hawaii'

Hainan Island: teeing off by the South China Sea

Destination: Hainan

After the hustle and bustle of Hong Kong, head for Hainan Island. It's a 90-minute hop across the South China Sea, with tropical beaches, peerless seafood, a great hotel – and excellent golf

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