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Marinelli Glacier

Cruising Patagonia: the trip of a lifetime

Destination: Patagonia

Sailing along the icy coast of southern Patagonia, taking in Cape Horn and Glacier Alley, and meeting seals, whales and penguins en route, is one of the most spectacular journeys on the planet

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Minority villages in the Ping'an region near Guilin

The rivers and mountains of Guilin

Destination: Guilin

Even rainy weather can't detract from the stunningly beautiful landscape that's made this part of southern China a UNESCO World Heritage Site

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Hebridean Spirit at sea

High tea on the Med: cruising as it used to be

Destination: Rab

For gentle pleasures and old-school glamour, sign yourself up for a Hebridean cruise to Italy and the Balkans

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Classic view of Halong Bay karsts from the junk

Sailing away in Halong Bay

by rfield

Destination: Halong Bay

It's one of the wonders of the world, but most Brits have only heard of Halong Bay after seeing it on Top Gear. Experience its beauty on an overnight cruise without Clarkson and co. to annoy you.

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Silver Shadow

Slow Boat from China: The Shanghai to Hong Kong cruise

Destination: China

Hopping between five different ports in North Asia on The Love (To Eat and Drink) Boat, it dawns on me that I cruise, therefore I am

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Not old Amsterdam but the view from the broads of Norfolk

Broad-minded in Norfolk

Destination: Norfolk

Stretch those sea legs and say so long to stress, with a cruise around the riverside hostelries of East Anglia

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Photo coming soon

Will the real Holland please stand up?

Destination: Rotterdam

Those who seek a bona fide representative of the modern Holland, a hotspot of culture, history and post-post-modern architecture, should head straight to Rotterdam

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