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"buddhism" related travel guides

Durbar Square is at the heart of Kathmandu

A day in Kathmandu, Nepal

Destination: Kathmandu

Chaotic but colourful and vibrant, the very name of Kathmandu conjures up images of a mystical and alluring city. Here are just some of the not-to-be missed sights in the Nepali capital

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Songkran celebrations in Khao San Road

Songkran Festival in Bangkok - an enormous water fight!

by fran

Destination: Bangkok

Experience Thailand's Songkran Festival, which celebrates the Buddhist New Year with cultural festivities and lots of water throwing!

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Beach life in Cambodia

Destination: Sihanoukville

Where on earth can you combine deep fried spiders, picturesque coastlines, Buddhist temples and the chance to try your hand at fire-breathing? Answer: Sihanoukville, Cambodia

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The (unstable) head of the Daiichi Nyorai

The Mystery of Usuki's Sleeping Buddhas

Destination: Japan

If the neon lights, bustling noodle bars and late-night karaoke haunts of Japan's big cities have left you wondering where the country's tranquil side is, head to Uzuki to find some serenity

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View over Luang Prabang from Phousi hill

Laos' Luang Prabang: the world's most relaxing destination

Destination: Luang Prabang

With its many ancient monasteries, riverside restaurants and mountain views, the World Heritage city of Luang Prabang is gaining a reputation as a centre for languid luxury

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Holistic Scotland

Destination: Scotland

There's a whole host of blissful retreats to choose from across Scotland - everything from reiki in the Trossachs to meditation on the shores of Loch Voil

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Osorezan: the other-worldly side of Japan

by Mary K

Destination: Japan

In the northernmost reaches of Japan lies Osorezan, or "Fear Mountain". Here, you can picnic with the dead and meet shaman priestesses, many of them blind, who commune with spirits

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Interior terrace, traditional village house

Ladakh: life on the roof of the world

Destination: Ladakh

Known as Little Tibet, Ladakh is a bastion of Buddhist calm, located on the old Silk Route and home to remote villages that are just beginning to welcome tourists

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