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Palace Square, St Petersburg

Russia "Lite": a city break in St Petersburg

by stokel

Destination: St. Petersburg

It is the most European of Russia's cities, a sea of designer labels and familiar Western brands. But the drab poverty is still a culture shock – and there's something you should know about hotels…

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Cahors from the River Lot

France: Cahors - a haven in the midi-Pyrenees

by malabar

Destination: Cahors

A short break in the French town of Cahors offers a glimpse into another age, pleasing scenery, great food, vineyards and a wonderful feeling of being included. What's not to like?

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The old cathedral in Fréjus next to the Town Hall

Discovering the old and new Fréjus

by alicia

Destination: Frejus

There's lots to see and do here as well as the beach. Fréjus is a great place to stay while discovering the rest of the Côte D'Azur and the kids won't complain about "another quaint litle village"

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Bargain beauty in Szczecin

Destination: Szczecin

The cost of looking good is getting ever higher - so now the beauty-savvy are heading to Szczecin and combining their cosmetic needs with a holiday in Poland

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Cephalonia/Kefalonia - more than Corelli's island

Destination: Cephalonia

However you spell it, rest assured that while de Bernieres may have brought more visitors to Cephalonia, it remains a charming island that has avoided becoming a slave to the story of Captain Corelli

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Korean Mud Experience

Destination: Daejeon

A mud treatment and seaside photography - an unpredictable day in South Korea

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