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Slow Boat from China: The Shanghai to Hong Kong cruise

Destination: China

Hopping between five different ports in North Asia on The Love (To Eat and Drink) Boat, it dawns on me that I cruise, therefore I am

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The skyscrapers of Central, from Happy Valley racecourse

Hong Kong's magical stairway to heaven

by rfield

Destination: Hong Kong

It may be famous for its skyline, its double-decker trams, its shopping and its fabulous Asian food – but the real attraction of Hong Kong is a mountain escalator made for commuters

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The only way is up: the Singapore skyline

Sky-high Singapore

Destination: Singapore

South-east Asia's smallest country looks smaller still from 72 floors up. The view from the New Asia Bar puts Singapore in perspective, from its futuristic buildings to its pockets of colonial calm

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Spectacular Singapore

by Fez

Destination: Singapore

Singapore has a reputation for being strait-laced and worthy of little more than a stopover. But its futuristic skyscrapers, colonial history and street foods make it unmissable in its own right

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