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Orange Juice Shack

North African winter sun in Agadir, Morocco

Destination: Agadir

Take a short flight to Agadir from the UK or the rest of Europe and find yourself immersed in a unique culture. The beach is great too!

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Fishing boats off Ilha Grande, Brazil

Chilling out on Brazil's Costa Verde

Destination: Ilha Grande

Just a two-hour drive from the non-stop party of Rio, 300 rocky islands form a haven for nature lovers. Ilha Grande, with its 100 beaches and languid rhythms, is the largest – and the most perfect

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The ticket hall at Kisumu station

Riding the Lunatic Express: through Kenya by train

by hubris

Destination: Kisumu

Overland travel in Africa need not involve dusty trails or tightly packed buses. Kenya has maintained its rail network meticulously for 40 years and it acts as a living museum piece today

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