Shopping in Edinburgh

Edinburgh prides itself on a huge selection of one-off boutiques offering high-end goods as well as every brand you expect to see in a European capital. Whether you are looking for original Scottish art, diamonds, designer clothes, bagpipes, auction houses, handbags, antiques, foodie stuff, shoes, whisky or beauty treatments, I have covered it here.

The city is laid out in a grid system, which makes navigation simple. The best plan is to get your hands on a basic map of the city centre and then read on. I am sure you will be surprised and delighted at how easy it is find your way around.

The centre is a good place to start, so for a dazzling selection of shops you simply do not want to miss read Shopping in Edinburgh: credit cards at the ready .

Edinburgh’s history and arts scene is world class, which is why I have dedicated a guide to Shopping in Edinburgh: a guide to art, antiques and auctions.

The clichéd view of the Scots as kilt-wearing, haggis-eating, whisky-drinking, Highland-dancing nutters is, of course, based on truth. So for the best of all things Scottish, those that we are proud to tell the world about, read Shopping in Edinburgh: high quality Scottish goods.