Shopping in San Antonio

The brash, gritty pedestrianised streets of San Antonio’s West End have a reputation of being loud, messy and full of drunken tourists after dark, yet by day they’re actually quite pleasant. Though I wouldn’t recommend heading to San An for a spot of retail therapy specifically, if you’re in the area it is a great place to stock up on music and clubbing merchandise.

4Clubbers (C. Vara de Rey, 3) in the West End is my favourite music haunt, offering a great variety of CDs (and owner Emanuel will be able to give you the lowdown on what’s hot), an enormous array of clubbing t-shirts from every club and night, branded memorabilia like lighters, sunglasses, watches, stickers and even lip glosses – clubbing is a huge industry here and souvenirs and branding are all part of the well-oiled machine; it just gets bigger every year, with the clubs now venturing into their own branded fashion labels!

You’ll also find individual retail stores for Pacha (C/Vara de Rey), Space (C. General Balanzat), Privilege (C.Sant Agnes) and Amnesia (C. San Antonio, 14) in the West End and down on the Sunset Strip there are boutiques within Café Del Mar (C/Vara de Rey, 27) and Café Mambo (C/Vara de Rey, 38; +34 971 346 638; offering much of the same again.

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